Thump Rodeos – An Introduction

Thump Rodeos!

Who are we ? What do we do ? What does it mean ?

In this post we want to introduce ourselves to all the people, all the riders, all the Royal Enfield Lovers out there.

We are a group of Bikers who love our Royal Enfields and love to take it for ride often. Technically the name Thump Rodeos comes from the Thump(of the RE engine) and Rodeos(cowboy riders who tame wild bulls or horses).

We are group of around 50 friendly peoples having different background, brought together by our passion of Riding. We have been riding solo as well as in group and we have ridden under several names but finally and officially we came up with this name in Feb 2018.

We often do breakfast rides(about 100-200kms) to short distance destination rides(200-300kms) and Long rides(300+ kms) every quarter of the year.

Few of our rides include:
1. Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)
2. Nepal (Pokhra, Mustang)
3. Palampur and Bir-Billing (Himachal Pradesh)
4. Amritsar and Ferozpur (Punjab)
5. Leh (Jammu and Kashmir)
6. Jaipur, Ajmer and Pushkar (Rajasthan)
7.  Goa (for Royal Enfield – Rider mania)

Our friendship doesn’t end at riding, but there it is just a start. We like to meet as often as possible. We more than often meet and talk over a cup of tea. Occasionally we arrange get together party to enjoy Dinner and Drinks together(strictly no drink and Ride/Drive policy). We do a lot of though sharing and processing to do something constructive and often do something constructive and positive as well.

We don’t have a leader among ourselves. We believe everyone has the capability of being a leader if a chance is given. We take all our decisions together. We share the responsibilities and work on it together. Of course like any family we have sometimes misunderstandings and shout-out sessions but at the end we love each other like a brother, a Friend and a Family member.

We are Proud Indians!
We love our Thump Machine!
We love our bond of Friendship!

We are Thump Rodeos..

If You ever think of sharing our thoughts, we will welcome you with open arms!
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