Thump Rodeos – An Introduction

thump rodeos logo

Thump Rodeos!

Who are we ? What do we do ? What does it mean ?

In this post we want to introduce ourselves to all the people, all the riders, all the Royal Enfield Lovers out there.

We are a group of Bikers who love our Royal Enfields and love to take it for ride often. Technically the name Thump Rodeos comes from the Thump(of the RE engine) and Rodeos(cowboy riders who tame wild bulls or horses).
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Important Tips for Night Ride

Night Ride Tips - Royal Enfield Riders

Most of us prefer to ride during day hours and this is highly suggested too, but if you have ridden in the dark hour you will know there is no denying in saying that, “the Night ride is a different thrill in itself”. But if you are not experience rider for night or if you have to ride during dark hours here are a few tips I would like to Share with you all to make your ride safer.

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